Character's Name
Maya Amell
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Character Bio

This is Maya Amell: sweet, endearing, trustworthy, and totally not dangerous — until she actually is. When she saw her first darkspawn, she almost got cleaved in two, but then she got on her feet and froze the beast; smashed it to pieces and smeared blood on her face, enjoying the horrified expressions of her companions. Now learning to wield a sword, she’s going to chop the archdemon’s head off and show everyone who ever dared to call her a little girl.


"I wield magic, and that makes me more powerful than the mightiest of kings."



Received the scar on her face in Redcliffe and cut her hair shortly afterwards; is ashamed of the scar at first and hides it under her hair. Later, after all kinds of trouble and saving all her allies' backsides, her hair has grown long enough for her to pull it back out of her face. She's a Grey Warden, and she has nothing to hide.

Based On
loosely on Emily from Continuum
: No
Are Mods Used
: Yes
: PC